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Rich Faith is a young and enterprising company operating in the key sectors of pharmaceuticals and personal care products. With Rich faith, we tend to bring the "Wealth of Faith" In a short space of time, we have penetrated the competitive market space through our selected range of products and are growing our share at a steady pace. We produce premium products sourced thorough handpicked raw materials, which are processed via rigorous quality checks.

Richfaith Pharmaceuticals
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RDI Homes

RDI Homes is our real estate enterprise. India is changing fast and we are changing with it. As an ambitious company, we draw inspiration from our parent organization’s principles and values. With a determined and meticulous approach, we demonstrate our business acumen and values by developing India’s first IT-SEZ project of 10 million square feet of functional space. Over the past 20 years, we have developed several projects across the nation in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru etc. amounting to over 20 million square feet of area.

Rajdarbar Group

An erstwhile pioneer of the mouth freshener segment with over 70 percent of the market share. We created and sustained a national brand for the masses. After leading the Pan Masala market for decades, we are now exploring new horizons to enrich and enhance the legacy of the 'Rajdarbar Group'. Our core values are still the same and we work with the vision to revolutionize the Indian market.

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Quality is our priority

We aim to design and manufacture products with a relentless focus on ‘Quality’. A quality product is critical in order to satisfy our customers and retain their loyalty.

Consumer satisfaction is our prime concern

We aim to deliver a satisfying experience to all our customers. We believe that our brand can always do better. Happy customer, happy us!

Economic viability for our customers

We manufacture and distribute products which are economically viable to our consumer’s lifestyle. We intend to enrich lives through innovative and quality products at affordable prices.

Serving every part of the country

We aspire to open and consolidate new market spaces across the country. Our products should be available in every corner of our country and serve every tier and district.

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Richfaith Pharmaceuticals

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